Web Developer. Designer. Engineer.

I specialize in building beautiful custom websites that are as unique as you are!  

If you're ready to share your work and elevate your online presence, I can help you create a portfolio page, blog, or e-commerce site,  that will make it easier for you to reach and connect with clients. We can work closely together to find a way for you to showcase your products and services. 

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Here are a few examples of my work. If you would like to see more, check out my Github page.

Screenshot of HonorHoney.com landing page Screenshot of Gravelerc.com processes page Screenshot of crypto rating council landing page Screenshot of Gravelerc.com landing page Screenshot of Gravelerc.com about page Screenshot of HonorHoney.com about page Screenshot of Gravelerc.com solutions page Screenshot of Gravelerc.com form Screenshot of of cryptoratingcouncil.com about page

A little more about me...

I love to learn and am continuously pushing myself to grow as a software engineer.

I work with tech like React and Next.js to quickly build responsive sites that give extreme flexibility with layout and functionality. I use Content Management Systems that allow you to interact with and update content as you need, and utilize APIs (like those from Shopify or WordPress) to give you the functionality you want while maintaining full creative control over the look and feel of your site.

You can usually find me trying to create or build something... whether it be brewing my own beer, playing piano, making bread, or building web applications; I get joy from being creative and find reward in the growth/struggle!

Tools I Work With Daily











I've been very fortunate to work on some amazing projects and with some really great people.

  • gravelerc.com

    Dynamic human resource and project management consulting group.

    Built Gravelerc.com utilizing modern technology and working closely with clients to execute the vision. Worked with the initial concept to designed, prototype, and deploy.

  • honorhoney.com

    Chicago based group who source and distribute local honey to raise money for non-profits. Each month they focus on a different organization to support.

    Worked with React and TypeScript to quickly build, test, and deploy. This project was on a very tight deadline and I was able to quickly integrate their design and functionality.

  • fosterlaneshop.com

    Beautiful E-commerce site offering thoughtfully curated goods.

    Built with Shopify and liquid (customer-facing template language).

  • realthread.com

    Industry-leading printing company with a high traffic site who are driven to make quality custom t-shirts that feature compelling messages and beautiful designs.

    Built out the campaigns page and to create features to help capture new clients and drive e-commerce sales.

  • thefurrow.tv

    Creatives intent on bringing brands and stories to life. They believe in building beautiful, entertaining, and clean content by mixing creativity with what is concrete.

    Update legacy code, implement new features, and ensure all protected content remained secure.

  • cryptoratingcouncil.com

    A diverse group of leading crypto businesses committed to the responsible growth and maturation of cryptocurrency markets and related financial infrastructure and trading services.

    Designed and built the site from the ground up. Used Webflow to implemented a custom CMS to allow the client to dynamically manage content.

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